Articles | Volume 16, issue 13
Research article
12 Jul 2016
Research article |  | 12 Jul 2016

Differential column measurements using compact solar-tracking spectrometers

Jia Chen, Camille Viatte, Jacob K. Hedelius, Taylor Jones, Jonathan E. Franklin, Harrison Parker, Elaine W. Gottlieb, Paul O. Wennberg, Manvendra K. Dubey, and Steven C. Wofsy

Data sets

Replication Data for "Differential Column Measurements Using Compact Solar-Tracking Spectrometers" Jia Chen, Steven C. Wofsy, Jonathan E. Franklin, Taylor Jones, Elaine W. Gottlieb, Harrison Parker, Manvendra K. Dubey, Jacob K. Hedelius, Camille Viatte, and Paul O. Wennberg

Short summary
This paper helps establish a range of new applications for compact solar-tracking Fourier transform spectrometers, and shows the capability of differential column measurements for determining urban emissions. By accurately measuring the differences in the integrated column amounts of carbon dioxide and methane across local and regional sources in California, we directly observe the mass loading of the atmosphere due to the influence of emissions in the intervening locale.
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