Articles | Volume 16, issue 23
Research article
08 Dec 2016
Research article |  | 08 Dec 2016

Interannual variations of early winter Antarctic polar stratospheric cloud formation and nitric acid observed by CALIOP and MLS

Alyn Lambert, Michelle L. Santee, and Nathaniel J. Livesey

Data sets

MLS/Aura Level 2 Water Vapor (H2O) Mixing Ratio V004 A. Lambert, W. Read, and N. Livesey

MLS/Aura Level 2 Nitric Acid (HNO3) Mixing Ratio V004 G. Manney, M. Santee, L. Froidevaux, N. Livesey, and W. Read

CALIPSO/CALIOP Level 1B, Lidar Profile Data CALIPSO Science Team

CALIPSO/CALIOP Level 2, Polar Stratospheric Cloud Data CALIPSO Science Team

GEOS5.9.1 v1.2 NRT Assimilation Products FP-IT (Forward Processing for Instrument Teams) GMAO (Global Modeling and Assimilation Office)

MERRA-2 inst3_3d_asm_Nv: 3d,3-Hourly,Instantaneous,Model-Level,Assimilation,Assimilated Meteorological Fields V5.12.4 GMAO (Global Modeling and Assimilation Office)

Final-revised paper