Articles | Volume 14, issue 23
Research article
08 Dec 2014
Research article |  | 08 Dec 2014

Henry's law constants of polyols

S. Compernolle and J.-F. Müller

Abstract. Henry's law constants (HLC) are derived for several polyols bearing between 2 and 6 hydroxyl groups, based on literature data for water activity, vapour pressure and/or solubility. While deriving HLC and depending on the case, also infinite dilution activity coefficients (IDACs), solid state vapour pressures or activity coefficient ratios are obtained as intermediate results. An error analysis on the intermediate quantities and the obtained HLC is included. For most compounds, these are the first values reported, while others compare favourably with literature data in most cases. Using these values and those from a previous work (Compernolle and Müller, 2014), an assessment is made on the partitioning of polyols, diacids and hydroxy acids to droplet and aqueous aerosol.

Short summary
Aqueous phase occurs in the atmosphere as cloud droplets and aqueous aerosol. The Henry's law constant regulates the water-gas partitioning of a molecule, but experimental data on polyols are limited. New values are derived for molecules with 2-6 hydroxyl groups, by combining other thermophysical data (e.g. vapour pressure, water activity, solubility). It is analysed which molecules will stay mostly in the gas phase, and which will preferably partition to droplet or aqueous aerosol.
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