Articles | Volume 14, issue 22
Atmos. Chem. Phys., 14, 12429–12440, 2014
Atmos. Chem. Phys., 14, 12429–12440, 2014

Research article 27 Nov 2014

Research article | 27 Nov 2014

A new parameterization of particle dry deposition over rough surfaces

J. Zhang1,2 and Y. Shao2 J. Zhang and Y. Shao
  • 1Key Laboratory of Mechanics on Disaster and Environment in Western China of the Ministry of Education of China, Lanzhou University, 730000 Lanzhou, China
  • 2Institute for Geophysics and Meteorology, University of Cologne, 50937 Cologne, Germany

Abstract. In existing particle dry deposition schemes, the effects of gravity and surface roughness elements on particle motion are often poorly represented. In this study, we propose a new scheme to overcome such deficiencies. Particle deposition velocity is a function of aerodynamic, surface-collection and gravitational resistances. In this study, the effect of gravitation settling is treated analytically. More importantly, the new scheme takes into consideration the impacts of roughness elements on turbulent particle diffusion and surface particle collection. A relationship between aerodynamic and surface-collection processes is established by using an analogy between drag partition and deposition-flux partition. The scheme is then tested against a wind-tunnel data set for four different surfaces and a good agreement between the scheme predictions and the observations is found. The sensitivity of the scheme to the input parameters is tested. Important factors which affect particle deposition in different particle size ranges are identified. The scheme shows good capacity for modeling particle deposition over rough surfaces.

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