Articles | Volume 11, issue 21
Research article
03 Nov 2011
Research article |  | 03 Nov 2011

Estimation of NOx emissions from Delhi using Car MAX-DOAS observations and comparison with OMI satellite data

R. Shaiganfar, S. Beirle, M. Sharma, A. Chauhan, R. P. Singh, and T. Wagner

Abstract. We present the first Multi-Axis-(MAX-) DOAS observations in India performed during April 2010 and January 2011 in Delhi and nearby regions. The MAX-DOAS instrument was mounted on a car roof, which allowed us to perform measurements along individual driving routes. From car MAX-DOAS observations along closed circles around Delhi, together with information on wind speed and direction, the NOx emissions from the greater Delhi area were determined: our estimate of 4.4 × 1025 molecules s−1 is found to be slightly lower than the corresponding emission estimates using the EDGAR emission inventory and substantially smaller compared to a recent study by Gurjar et al. (2004). We also determined NOx emissions from Delhi using OMI satellite observations on the same days. These emissions are slightly smaller than those from the car MAX-DOAS measurements. Finally the car MAX-DOAS observations were also used for the validation of simultaneous OMI satellite measurements of the tropospheric NO2 VCD and found a good agreement of the spatial patterns. Concerning the absolute values, OMI data are, on average, higher than the car MAX-DOAS observations close to strong emission sources, and vice versa over less polluted regions. Our results indicate that OMI NO2 VCDs are biased low over strongly polluted regions, probably caused by inadequate a-priori profiles used in the OMI satellite retrieval.

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