Meso-scale aerosol processes, comparison and validation studies from DRAGON networks (ACP/AMT inter-journal SI)(ACP/AMT inter-journal SI)
Meso-scale aerosol processes, comparison and validation studies from DRAGON networks (ACP/AMT inter-journal SI)(ACP/AMT inter-journal SI)
Editor(s): P. Quinn, P. Formenti, and M. Schulz Special issue jointly organized between Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics and Atmospheric Measurement Techniques

Provide a summary of Meso-scale aerosol field campaign research from dense distributions of remote sensing (RS) networks such as AERONET and related in situ and RS aerosol observations from surface, airborne and satellite platforms.

Recent aerosol field campaigns with AERONET have emphasized local to regional aerosol characterization for a variety of aerosol types, concentrations and meteorological regimes. The resulting networks called Distributed Regional Aerosol Gridded Observation Networks (DRAGON) are meso-scale short-term dense networks of sun and sky scanning photometers and ancillary observations established to characterize aerosol dynamics at a resolution commensurate with meso-scale aerosol processes. The DRAGON campaigns have been carried out successfully in the U.S. (Washington, D.C./Maryland, Texas and California), as well as in Asia including China, Korea, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore and in Germany for the past several years. This special issue will emphasize results from these DRAGON campaigns and similar network data for aerosol process studies, aerosol–cloud interactions, regional radiative forcing, in-network retrieval comparisons and validations, in situ vs. remote sensing comparisons as well as satellite and airborne validations and comparisons.

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19 Jan 2018
An overview of mesoscale aerosol processes, comparisons, and validation studies from DRAGON networks
Brent N. Holben, Jhoon Kim, Itaru Sano, Sonoyo Mukai, Thomas F. Eck, David M. Giles, Joel S. Schafer, Aliaksandr Sinyuk, Ilya Slutsker, Alexander Smirnov, Mikhail Sorokin, Bruce E. Anderson, Huizheng Che, Myungje Choi, James H. Crawford, Richard A. Ferrare, Michael J. Garay, Ukkyo Jeong, Mijin Kim, Woogyung Kim, Nichola Knox, Zhengqiang Li, Hwee S. Lim, Yang Liu, Hal Maring, Makiko Nakata, Kenneth E. Pickering, Stuart Piketh, Jens Redemann, Jeffrey S. Reid, Santo Salinas, Sora Seo, Fuyi Tan, Sachchida N. Tripathi, Owen B. Toon, and Qingyang Xiao
Atmos. Chem. Phys., 18, 655–671,,, 2018
Short summary
19 Apr 2017
Development and assessment of a higher-spatial-resolution (4.4 km) MISR aerosol optical depth product using AERONET-DRAGON data
Michael J. Garay, Olga V. Kalashnikova, and Michael A. Bull
Atmos. Chem. Phys., 17, 5095–5106,,, 2017
Short summary
28 Nov 2016
Regional and local variations in atmospheric aerosols using ground-based sun photometry during Distributed Regional Aerosol Gridded Observation Networks (DRAGON) in 2012
Itaru Sano, Sonoyo Mukai, Makiko Nakata, and Brent N. Holben
Atmos. Chem. Phys., 16, 14795–14803,,, 2016
Short summary
01 Apr 2016
GOCI Yonsei Aerosol Retrieval (YAER) algorithm and validation during the DRAGON-NE Asia 2012 campaign
Myungje Choi, Jhoon Kim, Jaehwa Lee, Mijin Kim, Young-Je Park, Ukkyo Jeong, Woogyung Kim, Hyunkee Hong, Brent Holben, Thomas F. Eck, Chul H. Song, Jae-Hyun Lim, and Chang-Keun Song
Atmos. Meas. Tech., 9, 1377–1398,,, 2016
Short summary
16 Feb 2016
Aerosol optical properties derived from the DRAGON-NE Asia campaign, and implications for a single-channel algorithm to retrieve aerosol optical depth in spring from Meteorological Imager (MI) on-board the Communication, Ocean, and Meteorological Satellite (COMS)
M. Kim, J. Kim, U. Jeong, W. Kim, H. Hong, B. Holben, T. F. Eck, J. H. Lim, C. K. Song, S. Lee, and C.-Y. Chung
Atmos. Chem. Phys., 16, 1789–1808,,, 2016
Short summary
03 Feb 2016
Evaluation of VIIRS, GOCI, and MODIS Collection 6 AOD retrievals against ground sunphotometer observations over East Asia
Q. Xiao, H. Zhang, M. Choi, S. Li, S. Kondragunta, J. Kim, B. Holben, R. C. Levy, and Y. Liu
Atmos. Chem. Phys., 16, 1255–1269,,, 2016
Short summary
18 Jan 2016
An optimal-estimation-based aerosol retrieval algorithm using OMI near-UV observations
U. Jeong, J. Kim, C. Ahn, O. Torres, X. Liu, P. K. Bhartia, R. J. D. Spurr, D. Haffner, K. Chance, and B. N. Holben
Atmos. Chem. Phys., 16, 177–193,,, 2016
Short summary
07 Apr 2015
Monsoonal variations in aerosol optical properties and estimation of aerosol optical depth using ground-based meteorological and air quality data in Peninsular Malaysia
F. Tan, H. S. Lim, K. Abdullah, T. L. Yoon, and B. Holben
Atmos. Chem. Phys., 15, 3755–3771,,, 2015
Short summary
13 Jan 2015
Estimation of PM10 concentrations over Seoul using multiple empirical models with AERONET and MODIS data collected during the DRAGON-Asia campaign
S. Seo, J. Kim, H. Lee, U. Jeong, W. Kim, B. N. Holben, S.-W. Kim, C. H. Song, and J. H. Lim
Atmos. Chem. Phys., 15, 319–334,,, 2015
Short summary
06 Nov 2014
Observations of rapid aerosol optical depth enhancements in the vicinity of polluted cumulus clouds
T. F. Eck, B. N. Holben, J. S. Reid, A. Arola, R. A. Ferrare, C. A. Hostetler, S. N. Crumeyrolle, T. A. Berkoff, E. J. Welton, S. Lolli, A. Lyapustin, Y. Wang, J. S. Schafer, D. M. Giles, B. E. Anderson, K. L. Thornhill, P. Minnis, K. E. Pickering, C. P. Loughner, A. Smirnov, and A. Sinyuk
Atmos. Chem. Phys., 14, 11633–11656,,, 2014
CC BY 4.0