Articles | Volume 9, issue 22
27 Nov 2009
 | 27 Nov 2009

Technical note: Scintillations of the double star α Cru observed by GOMOS/Envisat

V. F. Sofieva, F. Dalaudier, V. Kan, and A. S. Gurvich

Abstract. In this paper, we discuss scintillation time-spectra of the double star α Cru, which were measured by the GOMOS/Envisat photometer. The components of α Cru are not resolved by the angular field of view of the detector. The double structure of the light source reveals itself in the modulation of the observed scintillation spectra; this modulation is caused by anisotropic irregularities of the stratospheric air density. We present a qualitative and quantitative explanation of the properties of the double-star scintillation spectra. Possibilities of using double star scintillations for studying atmospheric air density irregularities are also discussed in the paper.

Final-revised paper