Articles | Volume 8, issue 2
15 Jan 2008
15 Jan 2008

Scanning rotational Raman lidar at 355 nm for the measurement of tropospheric temperature fields

M. Radlach, A. Behrendt, and V. Wulfmeyer

Abstract. For high-resolution measurements of temperature fields in the atmospheric boundary layer and the lower free troposphere a scanning eye-safe lidar which deploys the rotational Raman technique at 355 nm was developed. To optimize the filters of the receiver for both high nighttime and daytime performance, detailed simulation studies have been performed. The receiver is fiber-coupled to a sequential setup of multicavity interference filters used under small angles of incidence. Examples of nighttime and daytime measurements with the system which has a total power-aperture-efficiency product of 0.006 W m2 are presented. Noontime temperature measurements with a temporal resolution of 60 s result in 1-sigma statistical temperature uncertainty of <1 K up to 1 km height and <2 K up to 2 km height. With an integration time of 60 min and a gliding average of 750 m a 1-sigma statistical temperature uncertainty of <1 K up to 14 km height is achieved during night.

Final-revised paper