Articles | Volume 7, issue 5
12 Mar 2007
12 Mar 2007

Technical Note: Regularization performances with the error consistency method in the case of retrieved atmospheric profiles

S. Ceccherini, C. Belotti, B. Carli, P. Raspollini, and M. Ridolfi

Abstract. The retrieval of concentration vertical profiles of atmospheric constituents from spectroscopic measurements is often an ill-conditioned problem and regularization methods are frequently used to improve its stability. Recently a new method, that provides a good compromise between precision and vertical resolution, was proposed to determine analytically the value of the regularization parameter. This method is applied for the first time to real measurements with its implementation in the operational retrieval code of the satellite limb-emission measurements of the MIPAS instrument and its performances are quantitatively analyzed. The adopted regularization improves the stability of the retrieval providing smooth profiles without major degradation of the vertical resolution. In the analyzed measurements the retrieval procedure provides a vertical resolution that, in the troposphere and low stratosphere, is smaller than the vertical field of view of the instrument.

Final-revised paper