Articles | Volume 13, issue 23
Research article
09 Dec 2013
Research article |  | 09 Dec 2013

Aerosol measurements at a high-elevation site: composition, size, and cloud condensation nuclei activity

B. Friedman, A. Zelenyuk, J. Beranek, G. Kulkarni, M. Pekour, A. Gannet Hallar, I. B. McCubbin, J. A. Thornton, and D. J Cziczo

Abstract. Measurements of cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) concentrations, single particle composition and size distributions at a high-elevation research site from March 2011 are presented.

The temporal evolution of detailed single particle composition is compared with changes in CCN activation on four days, two of which include new particle formation and growth events. Sulfate-containing particles dominated the single particle composition by number; biomass burning particles, sea salt particles, and particles containing organic components were also present. CCN activation largely followed the behavior of the sulfate-containing particle types; biomass burning particle types also likely contained hygroscopic material that impacted CCN activation. Newly formed particles also may contribute to CCN activation at higher supersaturation conditions. Derived aerosol hygroscopicity parameters from the size distribution and CCN concentration measurements are within the range of previous reports of remote continental kappa values.

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